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until the 2018 Commonwealth Games commence.
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April 4 to 15 2018

Belmont Shooting Centre

The hands are still. The heartbeat slow. Between breaths, the shooter takes the shot. This is Shooting at Belmont Shooting Centre.

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1485 Old Cleveland Rd. Belmont. QLD. 4153

Before you leave

  • Avoid bags

    It will be much faster to enter the venue. If necessary, make sure your bag will fit under your seat, as there are no cloakrooms in GC2018 venues.

  • Know your limits

    You will pass through an airport style screening process as you enter the venue. Restrictions apply to certain items, such as water and sunscreen, so please check the


    before you leave home.




    Water: Commercially sealed water bottle up to 350ml. Only bring empty re-usable transparent plastic bottles (free water refill points are available in venue)

    Sunscreen: Sunscreen bottles up to 250ml

  • Download the GC2018 App

    The app includes all the information you’ll need to know for your event, in one place. You’ll find venue maps, fun facts and more.

  • Plan your journey

    Use the GC2018 Journey Planner on the app and make sure you allow plenty of time for travel and entry, and your departure after the event.

  • Arrive early

    Don’t miss a moment of the action. Entry gates will open up to 90 minutes before the beginning of each session.

  • Keep your ticket with you

    Ensure you have the correct ticket for your session. It also entitles you to free public transport* to and from the event.

Getting there and back

GC2018 is the largest sporting event Australia has seen this decade, so make sure you allow plenty of time for travel, queuing at transport hubs and security checks.

There are many travel options to get you to and from the Belmont Shooting Centre and public transport is free with your ticket.*

The earlier you plan your journey, the more you’ll enjoy your Games experience. Use the GC2018 Journey Planner to get started.

  • Accessing the venue

    There is no pedestrian access into the venue meaning you cannot walk or ride your bike. The following options will help you get to the venue using a Games Shuttle from Carindale and the Sleeman Centre Park n Ride.
  • Take the bus

    A number of bus routes, including high frequency route 222 will take you to Carindale station, where you can transfer to a Games Shuttle close to the venue.

  • Catch the train

    Catch the train to South Bank or Roma Street stations, where you can transfer to high frequency route 222 to Carindale station, where you can take a Games Shuttle close to the venue.

  • Park 'n' ride

    Book a space at Sleeman Centre Park ‘n’ Ride for the duration of your session. From there, you can take a Games Shuttle close to the venue. Spaces are limited and you must book a spot.

  • Accessible transport

    Accessible shuttle buses will be available and Park ‘n’ Ride spaces can be booked via the GC2018 Journey Planner.

*Free public transport will be available for ticketed spectators travelling to and from competition venues on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane on the South East Queensland TransLink public transport network. Just show your GC2018 ticket upon boarding. Free travel will terminate at 3am the day after your event and is not available on the AirTrain service.

Spectator tips

  • Keep hydrated

    Hydration is important for both athletes and spectators, but make sure you know what bottles you can and can’t bring into the venue.

  • Stay sun safe

    Belmont Shooting Centre is an outdoor venue, so consider sun protection. For more health advice, visit the Queensland Health website.

  • Be a good sport

    We’d love to see your photos - don’t forget to tag #GC2018! Filming and photography must be for personal, non-commercial purposes only and flash photography is prohibited during competition. So the shooters can concentrate, please turn your phone to silent and avoid making noise.

  • Be equipped

    Shooting is a loud and exciting sport, so bring ear plugs if you have sensitive hearing. Binoculars are also a great idea, especially for the Fullbore events.

  • The seating situation

    General admission seating is on a first in, first served basis and some fields of play, including Fullbore, do not provide seating. You can bring your own folding chair, but you will need to carry it with you as there are no cloakrooms at the venue.

  • Savour the experience

    The competition schedule provides uniquely long sessions, so make the most of it. As Shooting tickets are general admission, you can walk between each discipline and get amongst the action. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothing and footwear.

  • Settle in for the session

    There are no pass outs during the session and smoking is not permitted in GC2018 venues. For full details on the conditions of entry, see the Venue Entry Conditions.

  • Make a day of it

    There’s lots to do around Belmont Shooting Centre. Check out Festival 2018 and explore Brisbane or head to the Gold Coast.

Fast facts

  • The Queen’s Prize fullbore events date back to Queen Victoria, who offered a prize to encourage better marksmanship by troops in the post- Boer War era.
  • Australia tops the all-time Commonwealth Games medal table, with 163 medals in total.
  • To achieve optimum steadiness, shooters lower their heartbeat to half its normal rate through relaxation techniques.

Did you know?

The Belmont Shooting Complex is the only shooting venue in Australia equipped to host all shooting disciplines within a single location, and was the venue for the Brisbane 1982 Commonwealth Games shooting competition. It has been significantly upgraded as a GC2018 legacy project. GC2018 will be an inclusive celebration of our diverse Commonwealth, with benefits lasting beyond the Closing Ceremony.Be inspired to Share the Dream for a sustainable GC2018 by reducing your impact, choosing reusable options and recycling.