Giant Sing Along

Giant Sing Along

Giant Sing Along

The biggest karaoke event of the year, Giant Sing Along is coming to the Gold Coast as part of Festival 2018. Everyone is invited to come and sing their heart out in a field of microphones on Surfers Paradise beach to celebrate the Games.

Giant Sing Along features a huge screen with the words of your favourite songs, as voted by the people of the Gold Coast, as well as auto-tune to make you sound great!

So let’s make a playlist to remember!


Voting for the Giant Sing Along has now closed. Check back in early March for a full list of all selected songs.


About the creators: Daily tous les jours is an interaction design studio with a focus on participation – empowering people to have a place in the stories that are told around them. The company creates new collective experiences.

Disclaimer: Your vote will be saved in Daily tous les jours online voting system. At the close of voting, all the votes will be counted and the 50 most popular songs will be selected to be included in the Festival 2018 Giant Sing Along playlist. No guarantee can be made that your selected songs will be included.