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until the 2018 Commonwealth Games commence.
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April 4 to 15 2018
Human Body Parts
  • Tue 10 Apr 2018

    Sun 15 Apr 2018
  • Roving Performance, Across the Gold Coast
  • Festival 2018
  • Free

Human Body Parts | Snuff Puppets (AUS)

Come play with everybody's giant body parts.

A disembodied eye, ear, mouth, nose, hand and foot sweep up all in their wake. A giant hand embraces bystanders, a foot blocks the path and enormous tears fall silently from an eye. Snot the size of a small child oozes from a giant nostril. Careful what you say; an ear, tall as a door, might be listening.

This absurd exploration of the human body celebrates the shared flesh of all humankind. Keep an eye out for this act across the coast.

Festival 2018 has more than 50 roving street performers that will surprise and entertain as you journey to and from selected sporting venues.

Discover awe-inspiring life-sized puppets, floating jellyfish, dancing zebras, an all-girl hip hop crew, drummers, acrobats and more.

Tue 10 Apr 2018 — Sun 15 Apr 2018
Roving Performance, Across the Gold Coast

-28.016131996339, 153.45413412665

Roving performance
Gold Coast QLD 4217