D Days
H Hours
M Min
until the 2018 Commonwealth Games commence.
Longines Time
April 4 to 15 2018

The Emblem

Officially launched on 4 April 2013, the GC2018 Emblem is inspired by the iconic soaring skyline and stunning Oceanside location of our city.

It is bursting with youthful vibrancy and energy, providing a fitting invitation for all to come and experience the joy of competing in such a wonderful place. The clear reference to such a unique landscape and location provide the perfect backdrop to promote the spirit of the athletic endeavour.

Even from the earliest sketches, a heroic burst of energy, full of dynamism of elite competition feature strongly.

This, combined with the feeling of warmth and spirit so unique to the ‘friendly Games’, was the philosophy underpinning the Emblem design.

As the journey continued, the radiating shapes evolved and mature into ‘shards’ representing the skyline, the environment and the landscape of the Gold Coast.

Fluid representations of a gymnast, a hurdler and a swimmer were integrated to reflect the depth of heritage and deep humanity of the Games as this young and vibrant city prepares to welcome all to its shores.

Our Emblem is the primary visual symbol of GC2018 and offers a genuine promise and purposes. It invites all to come and chase their destiny through world class sporting competition in a unique and memorable destination.

As our journey to 2018 continues, our Emblem will become as iconic as the city, the event and the people it represents. It will invite the world to Share the Dream.