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Projecting the future with Jay Jermyn

Festival 2018
12 Dec 2017 by Katy Cunningham

Creatives on the Gold Coast are optimistic that the Games and Festival 2018 will help to put their art on the world stage. We caught up with multi-talented artist, Jay Jermyn to hear his thoughts and find out what art projects he’s busy working on at the moment.

Tell us a bit about yourself, how long have you called the Gold Coast home?

I’m 26, I’m an artist, designer, musician and electrician. Most people find that part a bit of a surprise. I was born in Tweed Heads and grew up surfing Snapper so I’d say I’ve called the Gold Coast home my whole life. I’ve been drawing and making things for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t til 18 that I picked up the guitar just because my mates were playing and I wanted in on the fun.

In 2015 I started up Veople just as another creative outlet with my friend and collaborator Matt Powell, where I could write music and combine my visuals all in the one place. A few months later I left for Europe on a six month backpacking trip so that project was put on hold.

When I got back I put my focus back into Veople and now it’s a platform that allows me to collaborate with many different creative people with the medium dependent on context. I’ve shown as Veople and Jay Jermyn at the same shows simultaneously, like at the first 'A Makers Take' event I performed and exhibited my furniture designs. I also had my first solo show at Maverick Art Space where I presented as a visual artist and musician.

'A Makers Take'

 Photo: 'A Makers Take' | Jess Miller

So far you’ve mentioned music, visual art and design work Do you have a favourite?

I like to try and do it all, not sure if that’s because of my short attention span or not but I love having a variety of disciplines that I work across. In the end it’s all about getting a message or feeling across as an artist and how you get that across doesn’t really matter to me.

Veople and my visual art have become my main focus as of late, I’m really loving painting, performing and combining it all into an immersive experience, utilising projection as well. I recently combined these elements at The Walls for a performance with Julian Currie on guitar for the ‘Prize No Prize’ end of year group exhibition.

Veople performance at 'Prize No Prize', The Walls

 Photo: Veople at 'Prize No Prize' | Byron Coathup 

Design is my other creative pursuit and I just completed my degree at Griffith University in the subject. I like to experiment with form and material through blending how furniture and lighting design is viewed. I mentioned ‘A Makers Take’ before, that was the result of my Uni mates and I brainstorming ideas and chatting design over the last 18 months as we wanted to showcase our work as designers and promote that there is a design community on the Coast. It was hard work, we transformed a warehouse in the Burleigh industrial area into an exhibition space and we plan to put more ‘A Makers Take’ events on in the new year.

Jay Jermyn furniture designs at 'A Makers Take'

 Photo: Jay Jermyn furniture designs at 'A Makers Take' | Jess Miller

As a local, I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about GC2018 and what it will do for the Gold Coast. What do you hope the local arts community will gain from hosting this event?

I can see that local artists have gained a lot of confidence already and I hope that after the Games and Festival 2018 that that confidence is seen by the broader arts community around the country and the world. It’s early days but I’m hoping that the general excitement within the community continues to grow post GC2018.

Finally, what’s your favourite spot to find creative inspiration on the Coast?

Usually when I’m with my mates or girlfriend I froth out on ideas, but other than that I get inspired by the day-to-day hustle on the Coast. People are my biggest inspiration and I get a good dose of it at 6am at Good Day Coffee in Tugun where all kinds of people come in for a caffeine fix to help start their day.