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April 4 to 15 2018

GC2018 makes a splash with 3D street art mural

20 Jan 2017

Olympic 10 metre platform diving silver medallist Brittany Broben recently joined Gold Coast locals and visitors to the Games city to have their photo taken with a new GC2018 3D street art mural themed Heights Rarely Seen on the Surfers Paradise boardwalk.

Brittany, who came to prominence at London 2012 said she was impressed with how the 3D mural had come to life as an exciting reminder that the XXI Commonwealth Games are going to be on the Gold Coast in just over a year.

It’s giving people an opportunity to get more involved in the Games with only 14 months until the Opening Ceremony.

Social media is huge these days so something like this is great and gets people more involved in it, and especially with diving, it looks really good.

The Gold Coast local was not only excited to share the 3D experience with her social media followers, but she is excited to welcome her former diving competitors to the city from 4-15 April 2018.

I won’t be competing in the Games because I recently retired through a shoulder injury, but to be able to watch everyone compete next year, to see all the different countries come to my home town and compete on the Gold Coast will be an amazing experience.

All my friends internationally will be coming out here for the Games which will be amazing. Hopefully I’ll be involved, but I will definitely be watching.

Using a technique called anamorphosis, the image tricks the eyes of the passers-by into seeing a 3D mural of a diving platform on the completely flat boardwalk.

The 3D mural was revealed on the Surfers Paradise boardwalk last Saturday 14 January and will be available for people to have their photos taken free of charge on one of three diving boards on 26 and 28 January.

The mural is one of a number of highly visual marketing tools that will be seen across the Gold Coast and interstate markets over the coming months.

3D street art mural of a diving pool with two people doing handstands on the diving board