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A day out at Oxenford Studios

28 Mar 2018 by Hope Kerslake

They say all good things come in threes and this is the case for Oxenford Studios, with the northern venue hosting not one but three spectacular sports.

Spectators are sure to be astounded by the lightning speeds of a squash ball traveling at 283kph, mystified by the agility and reflexes of the Commonwealth’s best table tennis players and lit up by the masterful boxers gliding around the ring.

GC2018.com looks at how every sporting fan can have a great day out.

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Crazy for combat

Full of semifinals boxing action, Friday 13 April will see the Commonwealth’s elite jabbing, crossing hooking and ducking their way around the ring to get into the final three bouts of the competition. 

The 12pm–4pm session (BX1301) will see the men’s Light Flyweight (46-49kg), Flyweight (52kg), Lightweight (60kg), Light Welterweight (64kg) and Heavyweight (91kg) and the women’s Light Flyweight (45-48kg), Flyweight (51kg) and Lightweight (60kg) divisions.

After four hours of combat action, and while you wait for your next session, head down the road to NightQuarter for some mouth-watering unique native ingredients, as part of the Festival 2018 program.

It will then be the men’s Bantamweight (56kg), Welterweight (69kg), Middleweight (75kg), Light Heavyweight (81kg) and Super Heavyweight (+91kg) and women’s Featherweight (57kg), Middleweight (75kg) and Heavyweight (+75kg) boxers turn to entertain the crowds between 6:30pm–10pm (BX1302).

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Thrive on intensity?

There is no doubt table tennis is a sport of skill, speed, agility, focus and precision.

If this is the kind of intensity you thrive on, then the first day of GC2018 action (Thursday 5 April) is your ticket for a great Games day out with two table tennis preliminaries on offer.

The first session will start at 9:30am with both the men and women’s teams hitting it off until 2:30pm (TT0501). The next session will then commence an hour and a half later, enough time for you to refuel for another five hours of table action (TT0502).

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Finals frenzy

You’re the type of person who doesn’t mind what sport is on offer, you just prefer to immerse yourself in the hard-hitting action, where the best fight it out for their spot on the podium.

Saturday 14 April will culminate with the Boxing and Squash finals, with everything to play for, this is sure to be an enthralling day of competition.

From 12pm, the men’s Light Flyweight (46-49kg), Flyweight (52kg), Lightweight (60kg), Light Welterweight (64kg) and Heavyweight (91kg) and the women’s Light Flyweight (45-48kg), Flyweight (51kg) and Lightweight (60kg) finals will light up the ring till 4pm (BX1401).

Now that you’re fully warmed up, you’ll need to head over to the squash courts for the mixed doubles gold and bronze medal matches. Watch intently as the best of the Commonwealth strike their ball at speeds of up to 280km per hour from 6pm–9:30pm (SQ1402).

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Sport enthusiast?

Monday 9 April is the ultimate sport day for any fan!

Kicking off your multi-sport campaign will be some Table Tennis semifinals with the men’s teams taking to the tables from 9:30am–2:30pm (TT0901).

Continuing the sporting journey of a lifetime, you’ll need to head next door for the men’s and women’s singles bronze medal matches of the Squash competition (SQ0901). The session did start at 12:30pm, but it does give you the option to decide which arena deserves your attention.

Wrapping up the penultimate day of sport will be a determined display of the Boxing preliminaries (BX0902). Both the men and women will take to the ring from 6:30pm-10pm looking to safely progress to the quarterfinals the following day.

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Try something new

Do you like the idea of the unexpected? Experiencing things you never have or rarely get to?

Well why not venture out to the Oxenford Studios on Thursday 12 April for some table tennis and squash action.

Light up from 9:30am-3pm with the singles, doubles preliminaries for the men’s, women’s and mixed table tennis competitions taking place – inspiring a creative morning for you (TT1201).

A truly unique Games day out wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the Festival 2018 performances. So, while you wait for your next enthralling competition, why not head to the Museum of the Moon sculpture in Southport.

Then return to Oxenford by 6pm for some more refreshing Squash competition with men’s doubles preliminaries and mixed doubles quarterfinals (SQ1202) ricocheting around the show court till 9:30pm.

Don’t miss the magic of the moment, plan your one-stop Oxenford Studio Games experience today.