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Andrew Shelley: “They’ll all come”

4 Aug 2017 by Hope Kerslake

His experience, involvement and knowledge of the sport of squash is incomparable, so when it comes to ensuring the event is in the best shape possible for GC2018, Andrew Shelley is the man.

Currently the World Squash Federation (WSF) Chief Executive, Andrew is the Squash Technical Delegate, ensuring the competition is safe and conducted in accordance with the International Federation’s rules and regulations.

Travelling from England, Andrew has had a whirlwind trip of meetings and site visits and is supremely pleased with the progress being made, especially in the detailed planning of the venue.

"From our perspective, you’ve got all the ingredients for a great championship," Mr Shelley said.

"An exciting venue, lots of players coming up (through the ranks) from new countries, as well as established, we’re expecting a great championship.

"The layouts that are in place for the Oxenford Studios are going to ensure we’ve got a great atmosphere, with the 2,500 people around the centre court, plus the other courts that are going to be used.

We want it to be great and so it will be great."

Having spent many years playing the sport, Andrew has also held a role at the Women’s International Squash Players’ Association and directed 20 British Opens.

Squash has played a prominent role in his life and Shelley believes it will play a great part in the spectator lives next year.

"People are going to come for the day and want to come back for the second day, there’s no doubt," he said.

"Everybody’s that played squash and watched squash will want to see the best athletes in the world. Those that haven’t played squash will want to see the best athletes in the world playing a great sport.

"They’ll all come.

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