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6 reasons to dive into squash

13 Mar 2018 by Hope Kerslake

Squash is a fast paced racket sport played by 25 million people worldwide, on a four walled court, where concentration, acceleration and anticipation can prove the difference.

The small rubber ball reaches speeds of up to 280km per hour and with all four walls of the show court all-glass, spectators have the opportunity to see the action from all angles.

Providing fans with thrill-a-minute viewing, here are six reasons why you should dive into squash this April.

1. You'll become a movie star

Okay, a mild exaggeration, but this is probably the only time you'll get access to Oxenford Village Roadshow Studios and experience the largest sound stage in the southern hemisphere - Sound Studio 9.

The state-of-the-art film and television studio regularly hosts headline actors and blockbuster film productions, including Marvel Studios Thor: Ragnarok. 

And come GC2018, it will host super human athletes and unbelievable squash action - now, that's a screening you can't afford to miss! 

Aerial of the Village Roadshow site.

2. Sally said so

She's one of Australia’s most decorated track and field athletes of all-time, a multiple world and Olympic champion, so when Sally Pearson says squash is amazing, you know you better sprint toward all the exciting action. 

Pearson is used to overcoming hurdles, but knows just how tough the sport is and reckons you'll love it. 

3. Superman's going to be there

New Zealand's Paul Coll is known as 'the Superman' of the squash world and he'll be headlining the squash contingent heading to GC2018.

Having a style of play that is part gymnast, part diver and always incredibly entertaining, Paul 'Superman' Coll often displays aerobatic and daring manouvers in the glass court, making his matches an enthralling experience.  

4. Because it's famous

Hollywood and movie makers around the world seem to have a great fascination with the sport and with great reason. 

The sport's Academy Award moments come from movies such as 'Wall Street' and 'Along came Polly' - where Ben Stiller is seen screaming, running into walls, and dodging the ball against Australian actor Bryan Brown.

5.  You'll crush the calories

Studies show that people can get a workout by simply watching sports.

So, with athletes vigorously battling it out in a glass cube, burning up to 500 calories by taking an estimated 364 steps per minute (that's the daily recommended step count in just 28 minutes!), you're bound to walk out of the venue feeling lighter*.

*This may not but be true but, if the studies say so, who are we to argue?

Nicol David of Malaysia celebrates winning.

6. Because everyone loves a party

Played by more than 25 million people worldwide and with almost 50,000 courts in 185 countries, squash is super popular!

And come GC2018, the competition will be the life of the party with spectators allowed to scream and chant their way through the competition.

So, don't get left off the invite list, get amongst the party and snap up your squash tickets today!